How can donors obtain a comprehensive snapshot of your nonprofit’?

Information bombards the average American every day and (as you know) there is no shortage of opinions or hype. Often touting the biased view of the giver, a lot of information seems more like advertising or publicity. The challenge becomes discerning what information is valuable and that challenge can be formidable

Wise Giving Alliance

The Better Business Bureau, Wise Giving Alliance can help. BBB accredits nonprofits based on 20 standards. The 20 standards cover the topics of Governance and Oversight, Measuring Effectiveness, Finances, Fund Raising and Information Materials. To become accredited you first step is to complete an online questionnaire. The questionnaire can be found at, select “How we Accredit Charities” and follow the prompts.

The BBB posts an online report based on their findings available at their website. A good rating (standard met) may provide the necessary data to entice a donor to contribute. Check out the Better Business Bureau, Wise Giving website and consider the questionnaire. It may just provide the information that encourages a donor to give.

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