Willow Oak?  Where does that name come from?

I am always delighted when asked the question.

And, yes, there is a story.  The name Willow Oak came from a hardship and from an observation of nature. Willow Oak ultimately came to symbolize my journey to a new career.

What was the hardship?

I lost my job. “Getting kicked to the curb” can shatter your identity or it can be a growth opportunity. A “growth opportunity” was definitely not something I sought but now realize it was an opportunity that I was given.

Admittedly, I was first shattered by the job loss and expected my life to splinter. Slowly, one step at a time, I began to overcome each obstacle, defined my skill set and identified my goals. Sounds simple!

It has not been a simple process because it required being open to new things and abandoning old practices and ideas. I will be the first to tell you that it is extremely challenging to be optimistic when faced with a big problem because the problem can cause tremendous fear. If you can manage your fear, the hardship can create an opportunity for a richer life.

The attributes of the Willow Oak came to personify the traits I needed to refashion my career and eventually my life. The Willow Oak possesses the following attributes:

The Willow is flexible and bends in the stormiest weather. The deep rooted Willow can tap into water sources deep below the ground’s surface.  The Oak is renowned for its hard wood, strength and resilience in turbulent weather. These characteristics came to represent my roots in corporate communications, my business education and my ability to navigate “my storm”.

In telling my story, I hope that you will turn your challenges into triumphs.

Perhaps you will identify something in your environment that will inspire you. A bit of inspiration may lead you to a destination of greater joy.

Always believe in possibility and in yourself.

Best wishes and good luck. Kathi