The night before.

Freshman year in college I typically wrote term papers the night before it was due. After an exhausting year, I needed to do better. The stress and the lack of sleep were killing me and I knew I needed more time to fine tuning my composition. This is when I understood the value of organization, planning and a good night’s sleep.

I learned it is impossible to do good work when you are exhausted. Every writer needs adequate time and rest to produce her best work. If you are working through a fog of exhaustion and a pressing deadline, you are not producing your best work.

With this simple plan, it was amazing how less stressful school became.

Reading, writing, editing and proofing.

Writing a grant is much like writing a term paper. The simple strategy of allowing adequate time to do a good job will increase the quality of your proposal. Giving the proposal time to sit and “marinate” becomes a winning element. When you return you will gain a new prospective on what you have written and be able to make appropriate changes. Your end product will be sharper and on point.

The greater part of writing is proofing and editing. Good writing requires correct and accurate wording, and close attention to grammar and sentence structure. There is no fooling the grant reviewer (or the college professor); she can quickly determine the quality of your proposal by how it has been crafted and the development of the premise.

Remember, there is a lot of competition for funding. Your proposal is a reflection of your professionalism and ability to manage funding. A half-hearted proposal will be met with a lukewarm response. This that what you are after?

Hot Tip

During the summer business tends to slow down. Keep in mind that many funding deadlines are coming up in just a few weeks. Eliminate the last minute shuffle and frenetic pressure by getting started. Map out deadlines, organize the required documents and begin writing the proposal…, now!

Best wishes and good luck, Kathi

Believe in possibility and yourself!