I am amazed at the generosity of people.

Generosity is an amazing human trait; a blessing to the giver and the receiver. True generosity is when someone gives without expecting anything in return.

Generous people are excellent models of random acts of kindness.

Even simple acts of generosity make a difference. I am sure you can think of someone you know who is always thoughtful. Their generosity has made a situation better or helped someone through a difficult time.

It is the people that we share our life with who make our lives rich.

The universe is tipped in your favor.

I recently met with a young women who is in the middle of a difficult, life changing situation. As she revealed her painful story, I was first concerned for her well-being and then impressed with her courage to face her challenges. Her courage was based on her belief that “the universe was tipped in her favor”.

I love this concept and I believe she is correct.

Success-what is it and how do you achieve success.

The answer to this question is varied and complex. First you have to define success.

One thing I am sure of is that people are not successful alone. Successful people have had a special person who has provided guidance, support, love and encouragement. That special person has been generous in sharing their gifts.
If you are facing a hardship, be brave, this hardship will pass. If you know of someone facing a hardship, be generous with your gifts.

Let’s all work together to keep the universe “tipped in our favor” by passing forward generosity.

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Best wishes and good luck,

Believe in possibility and in yourself.