An enterprising group of women living in Great Britain developed the programming for the black box flight recorder for the Supersonic Concorde.

Even more amazing is that all of the programmers worked from their homes.

These programmers were employed by Dame Stephanie Shirley, who in 1962 founded of F.I. Group, Inc.

Ahead of its’ time, F.I. Group, Inc. offered excellent employment to women when access to programming jobs was particularly limited. In the 1960’s, the practice of working from home was very innovative, allowing employees flexibility in their work schedules.

F.I. Group, Inc. predominately hired women until 1975 when the laws of Great Britain changed to require corporations to offer equal employment opportunities.

Under Dame Stephanie Shirley leadership  F.I. Group, Inc. became a $3 billion company, making millionaires of 70 employees.

Dame Stephanie Shirley

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