Yikes, that sounds threatening…, but is it really?

The Good News

Congratulations! Your proposal has been approved and your program funded. You are able to do the good work that you set out to do.

Get Organized

Reporting is an important step in the funding process. The Foundation will expect you to report how the money has been allocated and often requires a narrative of your outcomes. A report schedule will defined submission deadlines.

Getting Started

From the beginning, review the reporting schedule, note the deadlines and the specific questions. Keep a log of your experiences and a precise accounting of how the money is spent. Keeping track of expenditures and outcomes will make writing the report easier.

Your Results

Most likely, you have achieved some successes and have encountered a few challenges. This is important information. New programs can be a lot like a high school chemistry lab. The outcome you expect somehow is a bit different from your results. Report you results accurately.

Lessons learned

The challenges are the lessons learned. What useful feedback and information can you report back to the Foundation? Be transparent in your reporting. The report tells how you have (wisely) spent your funding but also provides valuable firsthand experience. This is you opportunity to provide solid information and insight about your program.


If you have questions, ask the Foundation for clarification.  The staff can define the expectations for your report.

 Good luck and best wishes, Kathi

Believe in possibility and in yourself!